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About Aditi Designs -

My name is
Aditi Kajrekar- Dongre.

I come from a background of teachers and artists. I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Abhinav school of Art, Pune India with Illustration as my major. I have years of graphic design experience, pursing my real passion as an artist.  
Currently I am teaching art in elementary schools in Portland, Oregon which I find rewarding as well as inspiring. 
I developed a passion for art early on, I had my first painting enter in the travelling exhibit to Mauritius at an age of 5 years. That's when I started my journey in the world of art. 
Every year I used to make custom greeting cards using natural things like- seeds, corn ears, tree skins, dried flowers leaves and many other things I could find a color or texture in nature. 

I create paintings that reflect my love for nature. I find beauty in simplest things in nature. I always love to experiment different medium and textures. I believe they play all by self on the paper, you just need to guide them in a way you want or they are beautiful all themselves. 
I like to color a variety of interest in my paintings ethnic, realistic landscapes, floral and abstract nature patterns. Whenever we have a rainy day with clouds I see an opportunity for me to brighten my day by adding some colors on my canvas.
I not only love to draw nature I can't have enough of them in my collection!

 ..... Aditi